How to Declutter Your Bedroom and Get More Space?

Do you find yourself looking through your stuffed drawer and shelves and tripping over your shoes each morning? Decluttering your house is the only quick and easy solution to repair the problem. When you’ve got a studio apartment or a traditional bedroom set up, it’s vital to keep your bedroom free of clutter. To help you with achieving that, here are some of the tips on how to declutter your bedroom and transform it into your safe haven and resting area.  

Make a work station 

 Think about making a dedicated working station in your bedroom, where you can do craftwork, plan for the bills you need to pay, to keep organized, or any other purposes you have. With this, you can house your items like scissors, pencils, bills, and paperwork in closed containers, or other open items in cute containers.  

Get rid of bulky features 

If your bedroom has bulky furniture, it potentially takes up more area. Hence, to clear off the floors, change them with vertical storage. If you think you don’t need the bulky furniture that you have or it’s already old, you can always donate them or just contact a reputable junk removal Lowell MA to have it hauled away.   

Declutter spaces in your bedroom 

Clearing out your drawers and closet just can’t make an additional area for your bedroom. So, you have to dispose of all the items that you don’t use anymore or you can choose to give them to those who you think can still make use of it. This way, you can generate a restful and serene area. Moreover, look for better storage solutions for things like your wallets, jewelry, and keys.  

Regularly declutter your closet 

Your closet should be frequently decluttered even if it’s located behind closed doors. For your dirty clothes that never made way into the hamper of your bathroom, make use of laundry baskets instead. It does not necessarily have to be a hamper. In fact, you can use anything from sleek bins to nice baskets that will match with the decoration of your bedroom. 

Maximize your wall area 

Have you ever observed that your bedroom has been included a designated storage place for your weirdly shaped things, including your bags, hats, and more? If so, now is the best time to hang several hooks on your wall surface, which can double as a decoration while using it to store such items.  

Ask yourself some questions 

As you start the process of decluttering your bedroom, make sure to ask yourself these 3 questions first: 

  • Would you trade inner peace for this thing? 
  • Do you really love the thing? 
  • Do you really need to keep such a thing? 

If all of your answers fall into the “yes” category, make sure to keep the item with you. However, if you think that you don’t want to use it anymore, gather them and ask a junk removal expert to take it away from you.  


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